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I will be kayaking 12 miles on the Connecticut River on Sunday, September 10, supporting the 15th Annual All Out Adventures Kayak-a-thon! This fundraiser supports people of all ages and abilities to participate in outdoor recreation activities. Check out their page and how they support people with disabilities of any kind.  I’ll be paddling on the beautiful river stretch from Sunderland to Northampton. I would be so grateful for your support! 

ABOUT The 15th Annual Kayak-a-thon

Join me in supporting the 15th Annual Kayak-a-thon, the signature fundraiser of All Out Adventures

On Sunday, September 10, approximately 100 paddlers of all ages and abilities will gather to kayak, canoe, and SUP from Sunderland to Hatfield to Northampton on the Connecticut River to raise funding and awarenes of adaptive outdoor recreation programs.

All Out Adventures is a Northampton, MA based nonprofit organization that facilitates about 180 outdoor recreation program each year throughout Massachusetts for veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities and their loved ones.  Through adaptive equipment, and high-trained staff, All Out Adventures works to break down barriers to participation in outdoor recreation.  Funds raised from the Kayak-a-thon support AOA's efforts to continue to provide these programs at no or low cost so that people of all ages and abilities can participate, regardless of financial means.



Name Date Amount Comments
Paul Rudof 09/05/2023 $37.81  
Deborah Zera 09/04/2023 $51.52 Go Duncan! A fantastic thing you are doing!!
Meg Taylor 09/04/2023 $50.00  
Michael Moaba 09/03/2023 $50.00  
Hannah Laird 09/02/2023 $5.46 Have fun!!
Linda Daley 09/02/2023 $52.39  
Karen Foster 09/02/2023 $15.77  
Sheldon Snodgrass 09/01/2023 $38.45 Because Duncan asked
David Chase 09/01/2023 $50.00  
Sherry Klein 09/01/2023 $36.00 Happy paddling!
Nicolas Boillot 09/01/2023 $51.85  
Tom Adams 09/01/2023 $51.85 Nothing better than being out on the water and enjoying the joys of nature regardless of your physical ability. Thanks for doing this Duncan, you're a good man. Paddle on!
Rachel Currie-Rubin 09/01/2023 $51.85  
Eric Schmitt 09/01/2023 $103.39 Don’t roll the boat! Good luck, great cause — Danielle and Eric
Peg Cowen 09/01/2023 $36.39 Yay Duncan! Go float so others can, too.
Paul Terkelsen 08/30/2023 $20.00 The least I can do for a SCUBA buddy.
Steve Schelske 08/29/2023 $20.00  
Neal Anderson 08/27/2023 $103.39 This is awesome — thanks, Duncan! Neal & Sara
Chris Matera 08/27/2023 $51.85 Big wheel, keep on turning Proud Duncan, keep on burning Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river If you come down to the river Bet you gonna find some people who live You don't have to worry 'cause you have no money People on the river are happy to give Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river
Adam Hall 08/25/2023 $51.85 Enjoy yer paddle Duncan!
Christian Lagier 08/25/2023 $51.85  
Meg Laird 08/25/2023 $72.47  
Steve Kleinschmidt 08/24/2023 $51.85 5 bucks more for every fish you catch
Edie Behr 08/24/2023 $100.00 Happy to support you and this meaningful organization.
Eileen and John 08/24/2023 $26.08 Go Duncan!
Bill Behr 08/24/2023 $104.47  
Margaret Miller 08/24/2023 $51.85 I fully support making outdoor activities available to all abilities including physical disabilities!
Julian Laird 08/24/2023 $20.93 Great cause!
Tom Benjamin 08/24/2023 $103.39 For Duncan Laird
  Total $1,512.71