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Amy and Kaz's Fundraising Page

Kaz and I will be canoeing 5 miles as part of a 100-person flotilla on the Connecticut River from Hatfield to Northampton on Sunday, September 10, as part of All Out Adventures' 15th annual Kayak-a-thon!  We would be so grateful for your support!

We're paddling to raise awareness and to support the continued availability of accessible outdoor recreation programs for people of all ages and abilities throughout Massachusetts. Time spent outdoors in nature improves our mental, physical, and emotional well-being, and All Out Adventures helps to promote access to the outdoors for people of all ages and all abilities, including those of us with disabilities and our loved ones, seniors and veterans. I could not participate in these outdoor adventures without the support from All Out Adventures. They are a life-changing organization!


ABOUT The 15th Annual Kayak-a-thon

Join me in supporting the 15th Annual Kayak-a-thon, the signature fundraiser of All Out Adventures

On Sunday, September 10, approximately 100 paddlers of all ages and abilities will gather to kayak, canoe, and SUP from Sunderland to Hatfield to Northampton on the Connecticut River to raise funding and awarenes of adaptive outdoor recreation programs.

All Out Adventures is a Northampton, MA based nonprofit organization that facilitates about 180 outdoor recreation program each year throughout Massachusetts for veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities and their loved ones.  Through adaptive equipment, and high-trained staff, All Out Adventures works to break down barriers to participation in outdoor recreation.  Funds raised from the Kayak-a-thon support AOA's efforts to continue to provide these programs at no or low cost so that people of all ages and abilities can participate, regardless of financial means.



Name Date Amount Comments
Nancy Sugihara 10/07/2023 $50.00  
Jim & Pat Easterbrook 09/24/2023 $103.39 Sorry we are late, but we are happy to help raise funds - particularly so Amy Sugihara can play some awesome pickleball!!
Toshiro Sugihara 09/09/2023 $51.85 Have a great time!
Anonymous Friend 09/08/2023 $103.39  
Carrie Steele 09/06/2023 $100.00 This is so fantastic! Thanks for sharing the joy of being!
Kristin M Stone 09/05/2023 $103.39  
Hanh and John Easterbrook 09/05/2023 $100.00  
Jahna Balk and Kenichi Sugihara 09/04/2023 $51.85 Full speed ahead with the kayak-a-thon! Love, Jahna and Kenichi
Monica & Bob Leverett 09/04/2023 $103.39 We are honored to support this incredibly important and wonderful cause. Yay for Amy and Kaz! Monica and Bob
Elizabeth McGhee 09/03/2023 $103.39 You are an inspiration Amy!!!
Nancy Sherburne 09/02/2023 $258.01 Oh goodness..... have a glorious time on the water! How lovely to be paddling along..... I hope the day is a sunny warm one for you. AOA is too good to be true...... love!
Deb & Slats Aldrich 09/02/2023 $180.70 Amy, That was a great writeup about the organization! Thank you for including us- the photos are excellent too.
Lisa Sherburne 09/02/2023 $103.39 Congratulations to all for the continued adventures and community!
Michelle Smail 09/02/2023 $51.85  
Matt and Tina White 09/02/2023 $100.00 We are so happy this organization is in our area
Jeremy Lurgio 09/01/2023 $36.77 What an amazing program You have developed. And so happy to have seen it in action last summer - bringing such joy to my friend Amy S. Inspiring all around.
Nancy Millward 09/01/2023 $30.00 Go, Amy, Go! So proud of you!
Beth Phelps 09/01/2023 $51.85 WHat a great event and organization! Have fun Amy and Kadz (you know I had to include the d)
Elizabeth Ayers 09/01/2023 $103.39 Seeing the joy on Amy's face in her photos of being active in nature makes me want to applaud this organization to the hilltops and beyond. Can't wait for your kayak on the river Amy. Love you!
Stan & Laura Ikonen / Bernstein 09/01/2023 $206.47 We are so happy to know that nothing will stop you. Your tenacity and zeal for life hasn’t changed since the day you walked through our doors over 25 years ago. Hope you and Kaz have a great paddle day. And we hope to see you soon. All our love, S & L
  Total $1,993.08