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The Plunge for Adventure: April Fool's Edition is happening on Saturday, April 1!  I'm taking the plunge to support All Out Adventures in their mission of making the outdoors accessible to people with disabilities, seniors, and veterans.  If this event raises $18,000 by 10am on Saturday, April 1, then we truly are the "Fools rush in" Alliance! Please be as generous as you can. I will match each contribution dollar for dollar. After all, what are Fools for? Thank you for your support!

Bonus content:  Check out the video of how Marty Wohl is prepping for the Plunge!

ABOUT 2023 Plunge for Adventure!

All Out Adventures is thrilled to be bringing back the enormously popular Plunge for Adventure - this year will be the Plunge For Adventure: April Fool's Edition. You can nominate a plunger, sign up to plunge yourself, and make plans to spectate (in person or by live streaming) the event itself!  A bunch of big-hearted fools for adventure are ready to fundraise to support AOA's programs that improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, seniors, and veterans.

Name Date Amount Comments
Marty's Match 04/20/2023 $3,700.00  
Anonymous Anonymous 04/19/2023 $552.14  
Rebecca Busansky 04/01/2023 $258.01 Go Marty Go!
Lan Katz 03/29/2023 $51.85  
Janis Moriarty 03/29/2023 $206.47  
Ellen Nigrosh 03/29/2023 $51.85  
Andrea Fox 03/24/2023 $37.81 My teeth are chattering, have fun!
Barry Bouthilette 03/22/2023 $51.85  
Tom Bassett 03/21/2023 $51.85  
John Pucci 03/20/2023 $154.93 Go Marty Go, Row Marty Row!
Dorothy Nemetz 03/17/2023 $309.56 Brrr...
Janet and Robert Bissell 03/15/2023 $200.00  
Joshua Miller 03/14/2023 $77.62 Go big fella!
Nancy Lustgarten 03/14/2023 $103.39 brrrr
Chia & Michael Collins 03/13/2023 $515.72 We love all that you do in the community! You are truly a rock star!
David and Jeanne Hoose 03/13/2023 $51.85 go for it Dipper!
Wheeler Willits 03/13/2023 $103.39 You do look cute in the hat!! A great cause!
Mike Wohl 03/13/2023 $32.26 juggling snowballs
Carina Wohl 03/13/2023 $103.39 hard to get any cooler...
Anonymous Friend 03/13/2023 $515.72 Thanks to Marty and everyone else for doing this!
Andrew Zimbalist 03/12/2023 $25.00  
Ariana Wohl 03/12/2023 $111.64 So fun!
Jane Cross 03/12/2023 $103.39 Thanks for doing this!
Jim Reis 03/12/2023 $40.00 That hat looks good on you !!!!!!!! Great organization we see them at DAR every week in the summer.
  Total $7,409.69  
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