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BFAIR's Fools for Adventure
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BFAIR (Berkshire Family and Individual Resources) provides program and resources for people with developmental disabilities, autism, and acquired brain injury in Berkshire, Hampshire, and Hampden County. 

We are thrilled to take the leap into frigid upper Highland Lake at the DAR State Forest in Goshen on April Fool's Day to support our friends at All Out Adventures!  Representing Team BFAIR will be: 

  • Kayla Brown-Wood, Director of Day Services
  • Caroline Prew, Director of Family and Individual Services
  • Wanda LaFranceEmployment & Training Coordinator
  • Katelyn Moresi, Director of Clincial Services
  • Matt Donahue, Assistant Director of ABI/MFP Family Services

Help us take the plunge for disability awareness! 

ABOUT 2023 Plunge for Adventure!

All Out Adventures is thrilled to be bringing back the enormously popular Plunge for Adventure - this year will be the Plunge For Adventure: April Fool's Edition. You can nominate a plunger, sign up to plunge yourself, and make plans to spectate (in person or by live streaming) the event itself!  A bunch of big-hearted fools for adventure are ready to fundraise to support AOA's programs that improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, seniors, and veterans.

Name Date Amount Comments
Kristen and Scott Wampler 03/28/2023 $25.00 Caroline and team, I hear you're up to snow good. Shake those snowflakes! Good luck!
Julia Moreau 03/21/2023 $10.62  
Rich Weisenflue 03/20/2023 $26.08 Good luck Kayla!
Rich Weisenflue 03/20/2023 $26.08 Ice in your veins!
Rich Weisenflue 03/20/2023 $26.08 Don't get cold feet!
Rich Weisenflue 03/20/2023 $26.08 Bound to be a little d-ICE-y!
JARED FILIAULT 03/20/2023 $20.93 Go Wanda
Jeannine Loynes 03/20/2023 $51.85 Go Wanda! ?
Amy Wood 03/20/2023 $103.39 Great job Kayla and BFAIR!!
Preston Kelly 03/20/2023 $103.39 I’m so proud of you Kayla, and the whole BFAIR team!
Natasha Wicks 03/20/2023 $52.39 Have fun freezin for a reason, Wanda !
Amanda McKay 03/19/2023 $51.85  
Andrew Wolf 03/19/2023 $20.93 Go Wanda!!
MaryAnn King 03/17/2023 $26.08  
Gregory Donahue 03/10/2023 $206.47  
Shirley Jacobsen 03/06/2023 $51.85  
Suzanne Meiklejohn 03/04/2023 $51.52 Think warm!
Nicholas Donahue 03/03/2023 $42.01  
Deanna Burdick 03/03/2023 $10.62 Go Kayla and team bfair!
Grechen Askins 03/03/2023 $51.85 Go Matt!!
Amanda Oliver 03/03/2023 $51.85 Go Matt!!
Anonymous Friend 03/02/2023 $31.23 Go Team BFAIR! Can't wait to see you all take the plunge!
Meagan Boren 03/02/2023 $36.39 Can’t wait to see you take the plunge, Caroline!!
Elizabeth Gomes 03/02/2023 $20.93 Carllllllllll
  Total $1,125.47  
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