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Alexandra Tinari's Fundraising Page
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Hey, I'm a plunging fool! That's right, if you help me raise $1000 for the awesome All Out Adventures by April 1st, I will take an ill-advised plunge into the still icy waters of Upper Highland Lake. I promise this is the only BAD idea AOA has! All their other plans - like providing gear and leadership and support for people with disabilities, veterans, and seniors to enjoy the outdoors - are FABULOUS! Be part of the shananigans and pledge whatever you can to support this amazing organization and ridiculous dip!

ABOUT 2023 Plunge for Adventure!

The Plunge for Adventure: Spring Fling is happening on Sunday, March 3!  I'm taking the plunge to support All Out Adventures in their mission of making the outdoors accessible to people with disabilities, seniors, and veterans.  If we raise $35,000 by 10am on Sunday, March 3, we'll take the leap!

Name Date Amount Comments
Melissa Hamilton 04/01/2023 $26.08 In memory of your mother who shared so much light, it shines through you and all you touch❤️
Christopher Durley 03/29/2023 $51.85 Go Alex! You're awesome!
Christine Nastro 03/29/2023 $20.93 get er done!!!!!!xoxo
Concetta Ardolino 03/28/2023 $26.08  
Liz Chapman 03/28/2023 $20.93  
Melissa Talal 03/28/2023 $26.08  
Christine Nastro 03/28/2023 $10.62  
April Tinari 03/28/2023 $51.85  
Anonymous Friend 03/28/2023 $25.00 Go get them you are a bad ass! ?✨
Alison Desposito 03/28/2023 $51.85  
Serena Torrey 03/12/2023 $51.85 You can do it! I'll warm you up after!
Seth Kershner 03/04/2023 $152.53  
MaryAnne Evangelist 03/02/2023 $103.39 Love you!❤️
Debbie Mintz 03/01/2023 $26.08  
Alexandra Tinari 03/01/2023 $309.56  
Anonymous Friend 02/28/2023 $51.85 This organization is the BEST!
Christa Tinari 02/28/2023 $52.39 Happy to support this incredible organization that advocates for and practices inclusion and accessability and facilitates enjoyment of the outdoors for everyone.
  Total $1,058.92